Giovanni Capuano

With over 50 years’ experience in the lift industry, Giovanni Capuano started his career in the early 1960s at Falconi, a major company in which he worked in all sectors: from design to the technical office through to experience in the workshop that produced all components internally.

With his move to the Assembly Department, he took on the role of inspector in the naval and foreign systems sector, a field in which Falconi was reaching important goals.

This kind of experience is unfortunately difficult to get in today’s companies.

Thanks to his technical skills, SEMAG Spa (Bareggio, Milan) which was set up in the early 1970s as a Purchasing Department of LIFT MATERIAL, Munich, has, over time, become an international leader in the manufacture of lifts.

The experience gained at Falconi was important when it came to designing and manufacturing control panels for HOISTRACO and mechanical parts for FOPE (both production units of the SEMAG Group), as well as assembling complete systems.

These solutions were appreciated in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia, Finland, Luxembourg, the UK, Austria and Germany, where even today, we can find the SEMAG logo on the pushbotton panels.

Designing and commissioning elevator systems in over 30 countries around the world gave Mr. Capuano the opportunity to gain an insight into different regulations and working methods.

After thirty years of entrepreneurial experience, he dedicated himself to working as a freelance consultant, in particular for his former foreign SEMAG customers.

He began working alongside Daniele Di Stasio who, thanks to new design technology, helped achieve important results.

An organic structure is then established to implement the design of supply materials.