After gaining the cooperation of industry specialists with specific skills and experience, DSD begins working in the LIFT sector.

DSD LIFT offers design and production of mechanical components and subsequent complete elevator systems.

Currently, we rely on a wide range of elevator systems for persons or goods MRL or MR with loads from 250 Kg to 19000 Kg.

They have all been conceived for maximum flexibility.

Within the Group, we aim in particular to identify and offer specific solutions, in terms of load, speed and traction, when customer requirements lead to unique demands.

The technical team can rely on the experience gained over many special systems already designed and installed, as illustrated in the professional profile of the Lift Division Manager, Mr. Capuano.

We have the necessary technical expertise to choose the appropriate mechanical and electronic components together with our suppliers, in order to satisfy customer needs.

Cooperation with suppliers takes place also to implement or to adapt components to the system to be installed.

We design and manufacture lift conceived, with Italian design and creativity, for both easy installation and to offer the user the service required in strict compliance with regulations in force.

Valid technical solutions and an appropriate cost assessment make it possible to formulate a sustainable business proposal.

The service provided is supported by wide-ranging internal logistics, which ensure control over all supplies as well as meaning sites can be reached with just a single shipment.

As regards customer support, we offer pre- and post-sales assistance, especially when requests come directly from the site.

For the refurbishment market, we can deal with specific regulations and manage the appropriate components.

Lift Division Manager is Mr. Giovanni Capuano.